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Tuition Assistance Information


Soldiers interested in taking advantage of Tuition Assistance need to read this information and follow the SOP.  Soldiers are reminded that it is the individual responsibility of the soldier to submit for, and follow up on, tuition assistance.

Do not confuse Tuition Assistance (TA) with the Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP), as they are separate.  Any soldier can obtain  TA as long as they are a satisfactory participant in the USAR.  However, only soldiers who have SLRP in their enlistment contract may have their student loans repaid.

In regards to SLRP, ensure you speak with the unit finance representative upon the one year anniversary of your loan or your contract date (if your loan is already older than one year). Again, it is the soldier's responsibility to follow up on Student Loan repayments.


Downloads are in Word Document form. For assistance please email webmaster@ozarkwarriors.com


Request for Tuition Assistance [ Download Form ] DA2171-E

All TPU soldiers should contact the 89th RRC Army Education Center (AEC) at: 1-800-892-7266, ext 1352 or email us at: 89thRRCEducationServices@usarc-emh2.army.mil

for assistance with the application process if you have any questions.


Tuition Assistance Application Packet [ Download Packet ]

* For 89th RSC TPU Soldiers Only *

This link will download the complete package you will need to apply for the Army Reserve Tuition Assistance Program.  To avoid delaying your application, please read all of the procedures and instructions thoroughly before you complete the DA Form 2171-E (found above).  There are certain blocks you must fill out and others that the Education Center will fill out.


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