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Please Join Us in Congratulating our Growing 414th Families!!!

Very seldom, in a world filled with violence, do we have the opportunity to celebrate life.

To all of our 414th Parents, "Newbees" and "Veterans" alike... We salute you.

If you are a service member of the 414th Military Police Company or the spouse / significant-other of one of our brave soldiers, and are "expecting" or have given birth this past year, please email us with all the wonderful details.  Pictures can be sent via. email or standard mail, and will be returned.

We will proudly post a birth announcement, here....          [ Email Announcement ]

SPC Johnston & Wife Mary


Proudly introduce...

- Shepherd Jamas Johnston-



July 21, 2006

Weight:  7 lbs., 9 oz.

Length:  23 inches


Wes and Tasha Griffith


Proudly introduce...

- Kian Alexander Griffith-



May 23, 2006

Weight:  8 lbs., 3 oz.

Length:  19 inches

Dad flew home on emergency leave for the birth. Big sister Laina couldn’t be happier!

SPC Crane &

wife Rachel


Proudly introduce...

-Jada Aspen Crane-



December 19th, 2005

at 5:54 p.m.

Weight:  7lbs

Length:  19 1/2"



Dad flew home on emergency leave. Brother Gage is thrilled.



Photo Soon

Michael and Jodi Abram


Proudly introduce...

- Noah Michael Abram-



October 27, 2005

at 8:51 a.m.

Weight:  6lbs 15oz

Length:  20 1/4 inches

Daddy flew home on emergency leave for his new little one. Everyone is home and doing fine.


CPL Brown & wife Jalynn


Proudly introduce...

-Gavin Lee Brown-



August 31, 2005

at 5:01 p.m.

Weight:  6lbs 4.7oz

Length:  19 1/2 inches


"Just glad that Dad was there and could spend some time with us."



SPC Johnston & Wife


Proudly introduce...

-Izabell Rose Johnston-



February 13, 2005

More Details Coming Soon





Update 2005


Izabell is now over a year old and has a new baby brother.

William & Ashley Venolia


Proudly introduce...

- Jackson Sawyer Venolia-



January 28, 2005

at 5:03 p.m.

Weight:  8lbs 3oz

Length:  21 3/4 inches



SSG Armstrong & Sara


Proudly present...

- Amelia Kay Armstrong -



December 29, 2004


Weight:  6lbs 13oz

Length:  20 1/2 inches


VIncent, Rose, Mom and Dad are all excited about another member of the Armstrong Clan.



Theodore Szura &

Amy Jo Packer


Proudly present...

- Emily Beth Szura -



September 24, 2004

Weight:  6lbs 12oz

Length:  20 inches



Daddy is beeming with joy over this little one.


Update 2005


Emily is now a year old and loved her daddy coming home to see her.

SPC Johnston & Wife


Proudly introduce...

- Grayson Obadiah -



November 25, 2003

Weight:  9lbs 1oz

Length:  21 1/2 inches

Daddy flew home from Afghanistan on Emergency Leave, for Grayson's birth.

"That's my son!" - Dad

Update 2005

Grayson just celebrated his 2nd birthday.

Update 2005

Grayson is almost 3 years old and has a new baby brother.

Grayson Obadiah Johnston

SSG Armstrong & Sara


Proudly present...

- Rose Lorine Armstrong -



November 7, 2003


Weight:  7lbs 11oz

Length:  20 1/2 inches


Gunner Jr. welcomed sister Rose home with a smile.


Jesse and Kim Vogel


Proudly introduce...

- Kaden Joseph -



October 28, 2003

Weight:  7lbs 1oz

Length:  20 inches

He was welcomed home by older sister Liberty Ann "Libby" (age 2 1/2)

Daddy flew home from Afghanistan on Emergency Leave, for Kaden's birth.

Update 2005

Kaden just celebrated his 2nd birthday and he loves bowling.

Kaden Joseph Vogel

SFC Rowley & Jane


Proudly present...

- Carah Lynne -



August 12, 2003

Weight:  7lbs 1/2oz

Length:  20 inches


She was welcomed by sister Caitlin (age 8) and brother Collin (age 3)


Latest News: Ready to crawl!!

Carah Lynne Rowley

SSG Lopez & Wife Amy


Proudly present...

- Ethan Gabriel -



July 4, 2003

Weight:  8lbs 9oz

Length:  20 inches

He was welcomed home by big brother Anthony (age 8)

Fireworks could be heard exploding outside during his birth. Daddy left for Afghanistan the following morning.

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